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I can't believe tomorrow's Valentine's Day already. I wonder if anyone here is going to celebrate. I know American's celebrate the whole romance thing, whereas we used to celebrate White Day back home.

Hmm... This could still be sort of fun, though. I can get people chocolate... *grin*

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Uh...what's going on tomorrow?

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Americans celebrate it as a holiday for lovers. ^_^

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How's it supposed to be celebrated?

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I'm honestly not sure if other cultures celebrate it, but usually couples give each other romantic gifts to show their love for one another. The most common ones are chocolate, flowers, and jewelry that the guy gives to the girl. However, more and more, girls are getting stuff for guys, too. Also, in Japan, girls usually get the guys something on Valentine's Day as a joke... but the real romance day for us is White Day next month.

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No problem. ^_^ Good luck with Allenby-chan.


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Disclaimer from the author:

I boo-boo'd, apparently... Oh well. Minako would have said the real thing...

Valentine's = girls -> everyone they want to (type of chocolate depends on relationship)
White = guys -> girls/significant others (usually in return for 'love' chocolate from girls that gave on Valentine's)

Thanks for the correction! ^_^