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1) If [ profile] missdarklycute had a superpower, what would it be? She does like to use computers.
2) What rank would [ profile] shortylikeed have in a giant robot army? The rank with the shortest name. *giggle*
3) Is [ profile] magisternegi athletic? No... Negi-kun's more of a bookworm.
4) Where would [ profile] geass_prince most like to visit? I think he'd probably like to go home.
5) If [ profile] sandrockpilot04 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? I think Rasid-sama was in Quatre-kun's army.
6) What is [ profile] sandrockpilot04's favorite movie? Quatre-kun seems like he would like happy movies.
7) If [ profile] sandrockpilot04 and [ profile] relena_dorlan were spliced together, what would be its name? Quatrena?
8) Would [ profile] sniper_luver go out with [ profile] shortylikeed? I doubt that.
9) Do you have a crush on [ profile] duo02shinigami? *blush*
10) What is [ profile] relena_dorlan's favorite band/artist? I don't know. Relena-san seems to like classical music.
11) What is [ profile] white_testament's favorite game? Annoying his brother, Jr-kun.
12) How many monkeys could [ profile] trowapilot03 fight at once and win against? If he uses his mech, probably a lot.
13) Does [ profile] juuou_zelas do drugs? I heard she drinks a lot and smokes. Does that count?
14) Would you make out with [ profile] preventerwind06? *blush* Absolutely not!
15) What color should [ profile] priestmiroku dye their hair? I think hoshi-sama's hair is fine that color.
16) Would you ever date [ profile] chaos_yeshua? *blush* No... Pluto-san would never forgive me.
17) What planet should [ profile] sch_beiker be from? Hilde-chan's from Earth, and that's fine.
18) How would [ profile] relena_dorlan kill [ profile] ranfujimiya_aya? Relena-san is a pacifist. She wouldn't kill anyone.
19) Does [ profile] shironeko_moon smoke? *laughs* Artemis doesn't smoke!
20) One thing you can't stand about [ profile] duo02shinigami? *blush* Um... He can be a little too outgoing.
21) Is [ profile] mame_juu your best friend? No... but Riza-san is very nice.
22) [ profile] hino_nekomata's eye color? Orange.
23) What exotic animal would [ profile] da_wn like as a pet? Something that yells back...?
24) If [ profile] shortylikeed and [ profile] wildmildchild were siamese twins where would they be joined? If you're referring to Jamie-kun's alter ego, then they'd be joined at their tempers.
25) Does [ profile] ribbonfighter drink? Nope.
26) Could you see [ profile] sch_beiker and [ profile] missdarklycute together? No... *giggle* Hilde-chan is dating Duo-kun!
27) What animal should [ profile] heerowing01 be combined with? A panther. Heero-kun is very cat-like at times.
28) What would [ profile] sandrockpilot04 think of [ profile] relena_dorlan? I think Quatre-kun likes Relena-san. They seem to be friends.
29) Is [ profile] juuou_zelas related to [ profile] taijiya_hime? No... definitely not.
30) If [ profile] missdarklycute were hanging off a cliff, what would [ profile] ladyof_twilight do? I would think Midna-san would help her.
31) Is [ profile] juuou_zelas introverted or extroverted? Introverted... I rarely see her around the village.
32) How tall is [ profile] tsukau_nin? I suppose he's average height.
33) Where did you first meet [ profile] starmaker_taiki? That depends. I first met her here, but she met me before she came. Very confusing.
34) Would [ profile] shironeko_moon and [ profile] gene_o_s look good together? I doubt Gene-kun would want to date my cat. *giggles*
35) Thoughts on [ profile] gaignun_jr? He likes to prank people.
36) What languages does [ profile] sniper_luver speak? I think she speaks English?
37) How long have you known [ profile] kittykatshampoo? Since she arrived here.
38) Is [ profile] doc_uzuki popular? He certainly seems to be.
39) Which of your friends should [ profile] geass_prince go out with? I think he's already dating Noelle-chan.
40) Where was [ profile] chaos_yeshua born? In his own world.
41) What mental disorder does [ profile] tsukau_nin remind you of? I'm not sure.
42) Has [ profile] 15year_princess been to your house/dorm? Hai. If I remember correctly. Noelle-san and I have spent some time together.
43) How would [ profile] lyms_knight conquer the world? With her sword? *giggles* She's a Queen's Knight.
44) What is [ profile] missdarklycute allergic to? I don't know if Miho-san has any allergies.
45) Would you set up [ profile] sch_beiker and [ profile] gene_o_s? Absolutely not. That would hurt Duo-kun's feelings.
46) Have you flirted with [ profile] white_testament? NO!
47) What comic book character would [ profile] trowapilot03 be? I'm not sure.
48) Does [ profile] sniper_luver travel a lot? She might have with her team back home.
49) Did [ profile] doc_uzuki break up with you? We've never dated!
50) Is [ profile] murasaki_mahou a nerd? Onpu-chan's adorable!
51) Is [ profile] magisternegi dead sexy? Negi-kun is cute, but not sexy!
52) Does [ profile] heerowing01 have a big secret? He might.
53) What is [ profile] lyms_knight's biggest flaw? I don't know.
54) Is [ profile] shironeko_moon 1337? *giggles* Artemis? 1337? He knows computers, but I don't think he's that good.
55) One quality you find attractive in [ profile] b0mb4y_n3k0? Omi-kun is very sweet.
56) What song/movie would you recommend to [ profile] priestmiroku? Something with girls.
57) When did you last call [ profile] zero_suit? I've never called her, per se.
58) What is [ profile] taijiya_hime's shoe size? I don't know.
59) Is [ profile] white_testament in a relationship? I don't think he is.
60) Is [ profile] geass_prince related to you? No.
61) Is [ profile] flame_101 a high school student? No.
62) Are [ profile] 15year_princess and [ profile] noble_thirteen going steady? *giggles* Definitely not. Noelle-chan is much too young for Treize-sama.
63) Is [ profile] hino_nekomata single? Kirara's just a kitty!
64) If [ profile] preventerwind06 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Hm... Probably the Mazoku.
65) What is [ profile] doc_uzuki's favorite color? He wears green a lot... like Mako-chan.
66) What do you agree with [ profile] white_testament about? I don't know.
67) What would you do if [ profile] doc_uzuki died? I would be very sad. He's a very nice man.
68) What would [ profile] sniper_luver do differently in your shoes? She has a shorter temper than I do. Kind of like Rei-chan.
69) Do you have [ profile] hino_nekomata's screenname? It's right there.
70) Is [ profile] missdarklycute friends with [ profile] chibicrawfish? No, but they'd probably get along rather well.
71) Has [ profile] kittykatshampoo dyed their hair? I don't think so. It's an interesting shade of purple, though.
72) What word best describes [ profile] dark_telepath? Hm... sneaky.
73) What would [ profile] gene_o_s give [ profile] magisternegi for his/her birthday? I don't know.
74) What flavor of jello would [ profile] duo02shinigami be? *snickers* Something that makes trouble.
75) Where was [ profile] lyms_knight born? Back in her own world.
76) Which president would [ profile] duo02shinigami be likely to idolize? Someone who stands for what he believes in.
77) How long would [ profile] gaignun_jr dating [ profile] guardian_pluto last? Not very.
78) Are [ profile] ribbonfighter and [ profile] mame_juu going out? Definitely not.
79) [ profile] missdarklycute's hair color? It's very dark... like a purple or black color.
80) If [ profile] flame_101 took over the world, who would suffer? Anyone he doesn't like? And girls in mini-skirts...
81) What animal does [ profile] flame_101 remind you of? I'm not sure.
82) Would [ profile] white_testament be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate. He seems to like to be dramatic.
83) Are [ profile] automailgeek and [ profile] juuou_zelas married? Definitely not!
84) Do [ profile] kittykatshampoo and [ profile] gold_wind go to the same school? Neither one is going to school here.
85) Would you wrestle [ profile] dark_telepath in jello? O.o NO!!
86) Does [ profile] shortylikeed know [ profile] relena_dorlan? I think they know OF each other.
87) Is [ profile] preventerwind06 an emo? He seems down about something, but he's not emo.
88) Does [ profile] shortylikeed have a crush on [ profile] juuou_zelas? I sincerely doubt that. He and Winry-chan seem very close.
89) What video game does [ profile] sch_beiker remind you of? She's very tomboyish...
90) If [ profile] wildmildchild and [ profile] 15year_princess were spliced together, what would it be like? It would be weird!
91) What is [ profile] flame_101's favorite food? I don't know.
92) What would you do if you found out [ profile] priestmiroku has a crush on you? *blush* I think Sango-chan would be upset.
93) Does [ profile] flame_101 go to your school? Roy-san and I don't go to class.
94) Would [ profile] heerowing01 and [ profile] royalusagimun make a good couple? Some people might think so, but Usagi-chan loves Mamoru-kun and Heero-kun is together with Relena-san.
95) Does [ profile] trowapilot03 have a dog? No. He has a wolf. *giggle*
96) Have you ever dated [ profile] noble_thirteen? No!
97) What do you disagree with [ profile] taijiya_hime about? I'm not sure.
98) Do you think [ profile] b0mb4y_n3k0 is hot? Omi-kun is very nice, but I don't think of him in that way.
99) Is [ profile] chibicrawfish a college student? He's attending classes at the school.
100) If [ profile] pechesagittaire took over the world, who would be happy? Probably Jr-kun! *giggle*