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child_of_luv ([personal profile] child_of_luv) wrote2009-02-11 04:20 pm

Almost My FAVORITE~ Holiday!!!

It's almost Valentine's Day!! You all know what that means~~!!

Perhaps I could offer assistance to anyone needing my services as a matchmaker??

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I can tell you are excited about it being your favorite holiday. The sparkly hearts are cute.

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Thanks!! ♥

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Your sparkles have put mine to shame!

I don't need a matchmaker but what do you suggest for a big grump who needs a dose of holiday spirit?

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Hm... Well~... Most grumps like food. If you tempt him that way, maybe he won't feel so bad. You could try some friendship chocolates!

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I would appreciate it if you did not try playing matchmaker where I am concerned.

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Now what makes you think I would do that, Pluto-san~? ♥

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I know you too well, Venus.

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All the more reason I can have fun~.

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Miiiinnaaaakoo!!! What am I going to do without Mamoru tomorrow? It'll be horrible...

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Oh... Usagi-chan... you can spend the day with me!

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We can spend it in the arcade, playing video games and pigging out on chocolate.

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Sounds fun, but it is my day, if you know what I mean. I had been planning on going to the dance... *thinks* We can spend the day, together, though! Beforehand?

*gasp* Wait!! I just thought of something! You can help me get Pluto-san and Lockon-san to fall in love! ♥

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I already told you that I do not want you playing matchmaker where I am concerned.

Usagi, do not annoy the young man who works in the arcade.

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You didn't tell me anything about playing matchmaker, my accounts that means I can!

Who, Lockon? But he seems nice.

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Usagi, I do not want you playing matchmaker either. There is another young man who works in the arcade, and he is not as social as Lockon is.

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But have to let us help. After all, as your princess it's only right if I'm interested in your life.

Hm...I haven't seen another guy around.

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But, Pluto-san! Everyone deserves to be happy!