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child_of_luv ([personal profile] child_of_luv) wrote2009-02-23 02:15 am

Love Is In The Air!!!

Do I detect LOVE~?

I think I do. I heard a rumor~~ from a certain little robot that a particular Gundam pilot is staying at my hut with one Guardian for more than just moral support after getting hurt~~~~.

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Don't you have anything better to do than feed the gossip mill?

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We have a gossip mill on the island?

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Do I even want to ask what this gossip mill has to say about Jon and I?

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I haven't heard anything 'bad', if that helps~!

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Thats better than nothing, I wonder what 'good' thing's you've heard though

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Oh... this and that, you know~.

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But it's just so cute~!

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That's good. I'm happy for them.

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Me, too! ♥

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You always were the romantic one, Neptune.

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There's nothing wrong with a little romance! ♥

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I'm so glad for both of you!!!

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It is great! *hugs Pluto*

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You don't have to do that!

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Why not? It's good news, Pluto-san!

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*slight smirk* I'd have to say it's about time.

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Me, too!

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..Please tell me you're joking?

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Of course not!