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Name: Sailor G
Contact Information: Email: jlsullivan [at] crystal realm [dot] net, Plurk: [ profile] duches77, AIM: Duches77
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Character Name: Minako Aino (Sailor Venus)
Character Canon: Sailor Moon

History: She's got several wiki pages!
Minako Aino on Sailor Moon Wiki
Minako Aino (anime) on Sailor Moon Wiki
Minako Aino on Wikimoon

Sailor V on Wikimoon
Codename: Sailor V on Wikipedia
Codename: Sailor V on Sailor Moon Wiki

Sailor Venus on Sailor Moon Wiki
Sailor Venus on Wikipedia
Sailor Venus on Wikimoon

I'll be basing her on the manga version mostly, as that's the easiest for me to canon review as needed. I'll be taking her from just after the rebirth of Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn).

To sum up, Minako Aino was a typical middle school girl when she falls on meets a white cat named Artemis. Artemis can talk, and he helps her awaken her powers as Sailor Venus, Sailor Guardian of the Moon Kingdom. Once she believes what's happening to her, she sets out on her mission of finding the Moon Princess and saving the world.

As the wikis can be a little incomplete in some situations, I'll offer some additional canon information.

After gaining her Senshi powers, Minako works with the local police to fight crime and find the Moon Princess. After being betrayed by one of her reincarnated generals, Minako decides that she needs to follow her instincts and travel more to fulfill her mission. She travels to China and/or England (depending on manga vs anime), but comes back to Japan, where she finally meets up with the rest of the Senshi. Initially, she continues to use the Sailor V guise, but, after the other Senshi begin awakening, she stops using Sailor V and begins using her true Senshi form, Sailor Venus. The timing of her return and revealing herself to the rest of the Senshi makes her the last of the Inner Senshi to join the team after Sailor Moon's reawakening.

Once part of the team, Minako tends to be the quiet leader. She sees the other girls have their strengths, and they all strive to protect Sailor Moon. This level of protection and commitment to duty increases once they all learn that Sailor Moon is in fact the Moon Princess. Sailor Moon is the open leader, and Sailor Venus takes a second-in-command role, discreetly boosting the rest of the team to shine with their own individual strengths. Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury all have specific talents that they contribute to the main effort (strength, vision, intelligence), but it's Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon who hold them together as a team.

Sailor Venus takes the lead when Sailor Moon isn't present. Once Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon are regulars in their fighting force, it isn't uncommon for them to split up and flank an enemy. Sailor Moon would usually go with her future husband and child, while Sailor Venus would lead the rest of the Senshi in a support role. She takes advice from the others, such Mercury's analysis of a situation, or Mars' view of someone's aura and power, or Jupiter's ideas on how best to fight, and puts them together into a plan of action. When they join Uranus and Neptune to fight Mistress 9, Venus takes the Inner Senshi into the building on one route up the stairs while Sailor Moon took the route on the elevator with the outer Senshi.

AU History: With the permission and encouragement of the other Sailor Moon cast players here, I plan on getting her involved in the reincarnation storyline. She, too, will be one of the reincarnated guardians that assisted before the cataclysm, and, as such, she is Enlightened.

Her life in Union is fairly typical. Her family is the equivalent of middle class, comfortable, but not super rich or high ranking. She attends school, which she's very lazy about as far as classwork but excels in gym, and is under pressure from her parents to do something more constructive with her future than dream about being on stage or playing sports. Her mother is also starting to switch her own goals for Minako's future away from a contributory career (those grades are so low!!!) into getting married and having a family, so she's been pushing Minako to be more lady-like as to attract a husband. Her parents, while having Pokémon companions, are not specifically Trainers or Enlightened as a life path, so they continue doing the jobs they were schooled for while growing up.

As an Enlightened herself, after Minako is awakened to her abilities, she begins to push aside the typical goals for a girl her age... those of marriage and contributing to the continuation of the human race... and more towards the promotion of Pokémon welfare and the sense of community and working together that the Savior promised to the Gods. She takes on a defensive role, protecting Union, first under the secret identity of V, and later, once she joins the others like her, as Venus.

Canon Personality: Minako, when not doing Sailor Senshi things, can be ditzy and love-struck. She's a little boy crazy, kind of lazy, and hates doing chores. She loves video games and sports, and wants desperately to be an idol someday. To this end, she's also picked up various performing talents like dancing and modeling. She can sometimes be almost as flakey as Usagi, and a bit clumsy, too, but she always has her friends' interests and well-being foremost in her mind. When Mamoru was kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom and turned against the Senshi, it was Minako who tried to cheer Usagi up by taking her out for a makeover at a hair salon. She also likes to use cliché phrases at what she feels are appropriate moments, but tends to get the words mixed up. This could be attributed to her time traveling to find the other Senshi and spending time away from Japan speaking other languages (especially when she works with the police force in England in the anime or in China in the manga, which effects her the same way in both mediums). There could be something lost in the translations in her mind, and she just doesn't get it right.

However, despite all this, Minako takes her role as Sailor Venus, Guardian of Princess Serenity, and leader of the Inner Senshi very seriously. Even if she is not transformed into her Senshi form, she's never late to Senshi meetings, always offers advice and ideas, and brings forth any information she may have gathered in relation to their current mission. One of the first tasks that has her working together with the rest of the Inner Senshi shows her in human form, very serious, and leading the group to Tokyo Tower to find Sailor Moon and Mamoru. This is actually the first side you see of Minako in the anime. She knows her teammates strengths and, as a good leader, encourages them to use them to their fullest to help the goal of the team.

Minako is also very torn between her desire to have fun, be lazy, and find her one true love and her sense of duty to the Moon Kingdom. When she first learns of her fate in Codename: Sailor V, she doesn't even seem to take it seriously. She sees it as a stepping stone to becoming an idol, signing autographs and basking in the attention of her fans. But after her first major battle and the heartbreak that accompanied it, everything changes for her. She decides to put off her life and dedicate herself to being a Senshi, but often finds herself thinking about how things could have been different and how much she's missing out on. Several times, Minako finds herself in a crisis, caught between two worlds, that of an every day school girl, and that of a Sailor Senshi. While she manages to work with the police in many of her crime fighting exploits, she has her heart broken a second time while abroad, involving her police partner, and this causes her to leave the police force completely. She never goes back to doing her Senshi duties as a police consultant, and even has some issues surrounding police work and police officers as a result. Her conflicted feelings and broken-hearted past remain issues for her for a good portion of the storyline in all versions of the canon-verse.

AU Deviation: Right now, as she hasn't started on the path to reincarnated warrior, yet, she'll likely retain more of her lazy and ditzy ways until she's presented with her 'mission'.

Minako doesn't travel away from Union like she travels away from Japan in canon, and also has not yet awakened herself as the reincarnation of one of the ancient warriors that defended humanity against the Legendary Pokémon. At some point, I'd like her to bond with a Meowth so I can start her down the road of being on the Devine Defense Force with the other Senshi.

Also, while she may still get some clichés mixed up, it won't be as prominent as she will not have had the larger traveling experience and differences in language that she's had in canon due to the world setting.

She also doesn't work with the police at any point in-game. This means she will be unlikely to have as many issues with police as her lack of travel outside Union avoids the betrayal she felt she received while working with the police force in China/England (manga/anime). However, this is something that could develop in game if the right situation presents itself.

She spends a lot of time admiring the theatre and the sports teams. The theatre because her dream is to be an idol, and she feels it's important that people be happy. And the sports teams because it's enjoyable to her, she does have some tomboyish tendencies, and she's good at sports herself.

As far as adapting her to the world of Pokémon, in particular, this game canon, Minako would put her Pokémon on the same level as her teammates. In canon, she treats Artemis as a member of their team and as something of a mentor. While the mentor role would be gone in the AU of the game, Minako would be likely to still treat the Meowth and any other Pokémon she may bond with as teammates. This means she would care for them and treat them more like partners and friends than creatures that need to be trained.

This also plays into her role as a reincarnated warrior. As she was one of those who helped the Savior, she would realize that her feelings about Pokémon being teammates and not subjugates is likely due to her past life. Her duty would be to help restore and maintain the balance between humans and Pokémon that is needed for true harmony to exist. Without this balance, then history is doomed to repeat itself. As someone who is reincarnated from the past, as she regains her memories, she will realize that her purpose is to help people remember the past and learn from it so there isn't another great tragedy.

Canon Abilities: She has quite a few listed here under the attacks tab.

The ones she can access at the end of the Infinity arc are:
- Crescent Beam
- Crescent Beam Shower
- Venus Love-Me Chain
- Rolling Heart Vibration
- Venus Wink Chain Sword

She also can combine her power with the other Inner Senshi (when all five are together and awakened as Senshi):
- Sailor Planet Attack

Enlightened Abilities: Her primary Englightened type is Steel. Her secondary starts as Normal, but when she first evolves, it becomes Fairy. The Fairy type stays with her in her second evolution. In canon, one of Minako's elements as a Senshi is Metal. Her additional element in canon (she's the only Senshi to really have a second element, so to speak) is Love. I wasn't sure how to embody this as a Pokémon type, so I chose Minako's desire to be a normal person instead of a Senshi as her initial secondary type (Normal), and her dream to someday be an idol as her evolved secondary type (Fairy).

Move List:

On awakening to her Enlightened powers:
Mirror Shot

First evolution:
Iron Tail

Second evolution:
Dazzling Gleam (replaces Mirror Shot)
Draining Kiss (replaces Charm)

Minako is a Master of Battle. As the leader of the Inner Senshi in canon, and also the one who is awakened first among them (even before Sailor Moon), she has the most experience. She takes her responsibilities in this position very seriously. In 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Venus becomes Neo-Queen Serenity's top Senshi as a well-rounded leader, with Sailor Mars being the more spiritual fighter, Sailor Jupiter offering strength and physical ability, and Sailor Mercury being top at intellectual strategy and information.

As Sailor Venus in the manga version, Minako has a chain belt she wears around her waist. In both the manga and the anime, two of her powers are chain-based. She will be gaining a chain belt handed down from her mother that she uses for good luck in Pokémon battles. Her mother will likely give this to her after she finds her Meowth in game (see special notes below) as a congratulatory present on getting her first Pokémon.

At some point, most likely after her first evolution, I would like her to find an ancient sword. In manga canon, Sailor Venus finds a stone sword in the ruins of the Moon Kingdom that turns crystal and becomes stronger after it's used to stab Queen Beryl. She can probably find this sword in the Old City as a parallel and then it can become stronger after her second evolution. But this will be after some time in game, of course, as a future character plot idea.

Starter Pokémon: None

Notes/Special Considerations: I will be adding her to the rest of the Sailor Moon cast as one of the reincarnated warriors.

For this to get started, I would like to her to find a Meowth in game as her starter Pokémon to get this started (as discussed here on the mod contact post with you). Because Artemis is basically what starts her entire canon as being Sailor Venus, for her to start on her path to reawakening her reincarnation plot, she would need a trigger similar to that in order to give her the game canon parallel. Having looked through several cat-like Pokémon, a male Meowth would best fit the idea of Artemis.

I am aware that Meowth has not yet been found in game, which is why I had contacted the mods previously, and, with their permission and with the offset of no starter and no leveling for the first week in game, I would like to go this route for her first Pokémon.

I had her using game available starters in the test drive thread I used for a First Person Sample instead of using Meowth!Artemis. I hope that's okay. :)


First-Person: Test drive thread!


She really didn't want to get up today. Luckily, it was a day off from school, or she'd already be late. She curled up in her bed tightly. Her mother had been encouraging her to go out and find a Pokémon to bond with. She didn't see why she had to, really. It wasn't on the top of her list, and wasn't the whole trainer/pokémon relationship what got people in trouble to begin with? Granted, they weren't nearly as 'entrapping' as they used to be with Pokéballs and forcing them to battle and work. She stretched and yawned. Well, even if she didn't go find a Pokémon today, she was pretty sure her mom had chores for her to do, and she'd never heard the end of it if she didn't do them! She dragged herself away from her comfortable bed.

Later that day, after procrastinating around what needed to be done, Minako had wandered out on her own. She always had this sense that she was destined for something bigger than just being a student or working in Union. She had dreams! Dreams of being a star, being on stage, everyone loving her. She adored going to the theatre and watching everyone there. So many of them were so amazing! She might be a little starstruck. Either way, after catching a show to admire her favorites, Minako had gone looking around to see if she could make friends with any local Pokémon. Maybe having one to perform with would help her reach her dream. And it wasn't like she planned on making them fight if they didn't have to or make them work. She wanted to find one who wanted to be a star like her.

Oops! She tripped! And landed on something soft and fuzzy... That was odd.


She squealed and jumped back to her feet.

"What?! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-" She stared. It was a Pokémon. A cat-like one, for sure. But... she'd never seen one like that before. "What... what are you?" She suddenly felt inexplicably drawn to this one. Could this be the Pokémon she was looking for? The one that would help her reach her dreams?

"Meowth..." It looked annoyed. She'd fallen on him! That hurt! She needed to pay attention! But, he wasn't too mad. She seemed like she could be a nice girl if she wasn't so clumsy and tomboyish.

"Maybe... maybe having a Pokémon wouldn't be so bad after all..." She smiled. "You're cute." Well, that got a good response. He liked the praise, at least. That lifted her spirits about it, too. "We should travel together!" No. Going too far away from Union might not be a good idea. "Or at least, we could hang out together. Hey! Maybe you could be on stage with me!"

And so it began...


-What do you feel your role in Union is? Right now? Well... I guess just to learn what I can. I am still a student, after all. But, after that, I'd like to make people happy. It's a dream of mine to be on stage someday.
-To what lengths would you go to rescue your allies if they were lost in the wilderness? All kinds! Allies and friends are important. You should never leave your companions behind if they need you.
-What does the story of the Savior mean to you? It's a really nice story, that humans and Pokemon, even with their differences and all the trouble, were able to come to an agreement and resolve their differences. The Savior is a great protector and she took her duty very seriously. I admire that. She also showed us that we need to respect the Pokemon and the gods. There needs to be a mutual understanding and trust among us. We shouldn't betray them.
-What do you look for in the Pokémon with whom you bond? I'm not sure that I really look for anything in particular. I'd like them to be friendly, definitely, and curious. And cute, too!
-What do you think your Pokémon respect most about you? I'd like to think they see me as a good and loyal trainer. I take care of them as best I can and try to make sure they're happy, but also I make sure that they're ready to do what's needed when it's needed. So far, they've been willing to follow anywhere I lead them, and that's really a nice feeling. I trust them, and I can tell they trust me.
-When encountering a rare and powerful Pokémon, what is most important? Researching it, bonding with it, or defeating it? Why? Bonding with it. I feel like bonding with Pokemon helps learn about them and establishes a link between humans and Pokemon to help us understand each other. I hope that it would be enough to prevent another attack from the gods.
-In your eyes, what is absolutely unforgivable. Betrayal. I don't know if I could ever forgive anyone who betrayed me. It seems like such a horrible thing to do to someone, especially if they trust you a lot.

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