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child_of_luv ([personal profile] child_of_luv) wrote2015-05-14 02:55 am
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[This is not a happy face now appearing on your feed, everyone. Minako looks pouty and petulant, and almost annoyed.]

This is soooo not faaaaiiirr...

[She might also seem a little... off...?]

I came down here to the Grassy Knoll with Usagi... we wanted to explore and train and see what kinds of new Pokemon we could find... like, you know... those cute pink kitty types that Haruka found? And then... we stopped for a break. Because we were kind of hungry... and... and... [She rolls on her back, holding the warp band above her now, pointing it back down at herself. Apparently, she's been laying on the ground for a while.] Well, would you know it? She found her truuuuue looooooove...

[And here, Minako points the Warp Band to show Usagi on the screen.]

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