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Mega Evolution Application

Date of Joining: July 2013

Personal Growth or Trial: When Minako first came into the game, she hadn't fully discovered her abilities, yet. She didn't even have Pokémon. She was ditzy, a little obsessed with becoming an idol, and lazy. She was on course to drift through life chasing dreams.

She started her path on being a trainer when she was given an egg that later hatched into an Eevee. This Eevee, though, was a lot like her, and was quite happy training to be in contests and pageants. She eventually came upon a Meowth when exploring a new area with a friend, and it was then that she came into her abilities as an Enlightened and discovered she was so much more than she thought. Through dream events, and Diancie's illusions, Minako has gradually discovered that there is more in store for her than her original goals of being an actress and an idol.

Through the dream events, Minako discovered her destiny as a reincarnated soldier of the Savior, and that destiny is to protect the bonds that humans and Pokémon have begun to develop and share. She knows she was brought back to prevent another apocalypse, and has found others like her who have shared the same dreams and have the same destiny. She knows that they must work together to achieve this goal.

Diancie's illusions showed her that she can be a leader. It is likely that her Mega Evolution will manifest in the moment when she realizes she needs to take charge and lead to protect those around her. Her Enlightened type, Mastery of Battle, lends itself to this, and Diancie has shown her what she can do with it. She can protect those she cares about and make sure a great falling out between Pokémon and humanity doesn't happen again.

This, however, while showing her she had great potential, put her into a period of doubt. She was torn. She knew what she had to do (protect and serve) and what she wanted to do (have fun and be famous), but she wasn't sure how to balance it. She sought advice from others, and did a lot of self-exploration. This triggered a new evolution.

With this evolution and first type change, she's buckling down on her duties as a reincarnated warrior of the Savior, and has reached a new level of maturity. While she still tries to enjoy the little things, she takes her role as an Enlightened and as a Pokémon trainer much more seriously. It was after they reached Glacier when she first used her leadership skills to try and get the Fire Types to stop fighting, and to avoid a battle. When Reshiram came and attempted to destroy them all, she knew that her new Fairy Type skills would be their best shot against a Dragon Type. When the Dragon type and the human it was with refused to listen, she was willing to put her life on the line to save Glacier and stop the battle, though Moltres stopped Reshiram from trampling her (she's still grateful, just weirded out by its ego...).

Minako still enjoys fun, boy chasing, and performing, but her life goals are no longer so frivolous. Now, her goal is to make sure Union is safe, and to do what she can to keep the peace between humans and Pokémon through her Enlightened abilities.

Mega Evolution Typing and Abilities: Minako's typing overall will not change. She will remain Steel/Fairy. She will gain the ability to use a Pledge-like move similar to the core three types, but hers will be for a Steel type. This can be combined with other Pledge moves, like the originals, and will be called Gold Pledge. On it's own, it's very similar to Iron Tail in that it's a whip/chain-like attack where Minako wields a whip/chain-like energy weapon against her enemy.

She will also gain the move Meteor Mash.

In typical magical girl fashion, activating her Mega Evolution will bring about a transformation. Minako will transform into this. She retains her physical features. Her outfit changes into a white and orange Sailor Fuku with a blue bow on the front and a yellow bow on the back. The ties of the yellow bow are long, dangling below the hem of the short fuku skirt. In the center of the blue bow is an orange heart-shaped gem. She has an orange ribbon choker with a yellow star in the center of the front. Her shoes are simple orange pumps with ankle straps. Her earrings are a pair of simple orange gem studs. She has a tiara on her forehead that comes down to a downward point in the center, and there is a oval yellow gem at the point.